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What Is StudioBoss?

Made For Instructors, By Instructors

Saves You Time, So You Can Make More Money

StudioBoss is a free and and easy-to-use scheduling web site that you can set up in minutes.

Your schedule is "set-it-and-forget it", and the calendar on your site is always up to date. StudioBoss automagically sends reminders and links to your clients, so you don't have to.

You focus on your business, we'll take care of the admin overhead...and make sure you get paid.

We are purpose built for instructors in the Covid era, so it's easy to run your online business. Eliminate your overhead, take back your time and focus on growing revenue, increasing cash flow and making your customers happy.

Be the Boss that you are. 💪

Is StudioBoss For You?

StudioBoss is perfect for Yoga & Pilates Teachers, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Reiki Healers, Art Teachers, Wellness Coaches and Hair Stylists. Or just about any solo practitioner who runs an appointment based business.

If Covid sent you out on your own and you started teaching online, StudioBoss was literally built for you. Our founder is a yoga teacher who got annoyed at sending streaming links, and set out to solve the problem for himself and his instructor friends.

Unlike other solutions, we're easy to use and reasonably priced. Because our mission is to help you make more money.

Get Paid What You're Owed

Connect your Square account, and immediately start accepting credit cards and Apply Pay for class and appointment booking.

Book With Apple Pay

Your iPhone clients will 💜 the speed and convenience of booking classes with Apple Pay. So will your bank account.

No Square? No Problem.

If you don't want to use Square, you're still in good hands.

Your web site displays a link to your Venmo, and tracks the payment status of everyone on your roster.

We stay on top of your IOUs, so you don't have to.

StudioBoss makes it easy to track offline payments, no matter how they come in. We highly recommend the ease and convenience of Square, but it's your business.

And you're the Boss. 💪

Setup is Simple

Tell us about your business, services, pricing and schedule.

Upload some photos, and we'll publish a beautiful web site with your schedule that the StudioBoss "robots" keep updated.

WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace can't do that.

And did we mention that it's free?

Social Media

Investing time in Social Media Marketing is wise.

Mindless scrolling isn't, but we can't help you with that.

Tell StudioBoss your Facebook and Instagram Usernames, and drive clients to your pages with pre-populated links on your site.


Why StudioBoss?

Eliminate Admin Overhead. Grow Your Business.

Check Out a Live Site

Click the Button Below to see a live StudioBoss site.

Take Back Your Time

StudioBoss reclaims the time you waste on BS administrative tasks.

Appointment and roster management is easy, and your clients are automatically emailed class confirmations, reminders, streaming links, schedule changes, cancellations, and follow ups with video links of your class recording.

Stop cutting & pasting, and start getting paid faster so you can focus on growing your business.

You'll create time to book more clients, or open up more schedule slots. Between the time you save, and the payments you collect, StudioBoss usually pays for itself.

StudioBoss Free

No Credit Card Required


Photo Gallery, Services and More

Your Home Page displays your pictures, service descriptions and schedule.

You get an About section, Video Library, Contact Form and Social Media links. It's so easy to use, you'll never need to bug your computer geek friends for help again.

Self Publishing Schedule

Building a web site is painful, and maintaining one is even worse.

Web sites are complicated, even on services like WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace. Don't get us wrong, they're world class tools, but they are not purpose built for instructors running an online business.

StudioBoss is.

Our robots keep your schedule up to date for you. Need to cancel or make changes? No problem, it's ridiculously simple, and we'll even email clients on the roster to let them know.

Customer Communication

Let your clients and prospects contact you via a web form, and your contact information is kept private.

If you want to display an email address, phone or physical address with a google map link, you can do that too.

Free yourself from the nightmare of DMs, texts and emails with StudioBoss.

StudioBoss Pro

Accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay. Auto-Send Streaming Links


Take Online Payments

Accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay in minutes!

StudioBoss works with Square for secure credit card processing, and YOUR money goes into YOUR Square account. Not ours.

Cover Your Processing Fees

Nobody likes transaction fees, and neither do we. We keep your costs low so you can make more money, because we're all in this together.

Square takes a <3% processing fee and StudioBoss gets 25.

StudioBoss was created to make you money. For that to happen, we need to make money too. And we feel a quarter is a fair price for the time saving services we provide.

Want to cover transaction fees without raising prices?

Enable Round Up Pricing, and clients can choose to round up their payment with a "tip" to the next $5 interval.

Customized Pricing

Set different prices for different services. Sell Class Card Packs at a discount to drive more sales and bring more money in the door up front.

If you charge different rates for different private clients, they are charged the proper price when they sign up for a time slot.

Automated Class Reminders

Wake up from your cut-and-paste nightmare, and let those dreamy StudioBoss robots send your class reminder emails and links.

Upon booking, clients get a confirmation receipt, and another reminder email right before class. We even send your streaming links, or a google map link to a physical location.

Teachers who stream LOVE this feature.


Cover your liabilities with the our Waiver System.

We provide some boilerplate to get started, and strongly recommend using one that has been reviewed with your legal counsel.

On a client's first booking, they must accept the waiver's terms and conditions before they can book a class.

A little CYA never hurts, right?

StudioBoss is designed to help you make money. Minimize your risk and don't expose yourself to a lawsuit.

Card Packs

Generate more revenue by selling packs of classes, sessions or whatever type of service you offer. Make it easy for clients to purchase in bulk, and incent them with discounted pricing.

Money in the bank early is always a good thing.

More Pro Features

Make Time Your Servant, Not Your Master

Change and Cancel Emails

No more wasting time on email. When you change or cancel a class, registered clients are notified by email immediately.

The StudioBoss robots take care of everything. You may start to love them more than your Roomba.

Free Passes & Automatic Credits

Refund Requests Suck. There, we said it.

StudioBoss can help deflect them, but when you need to make a refund it's fast and easy.

When you cancel a class or a client drops out, our robots automatically give them a Free Pass for a future class. Then we send them an email to let them know.

Want to give free passes to your clients? That's easy too. Send them to friends, or use them to remedy customer complaints.

A little love goes a long way when it comes to Customer Service.

Appointments & Invoices

Let clients self-schedule appointments, and pay on the spot. Cients pay the standard rate, or a customized price if you've set one up.

Do you Schedule appointment on a client's behalf? Sign them up with a few taps, they receive an email invoice - payable with a click. Reminder emails are automatically sent on the morning of the appointment.

Stay On Top of Finances

Review client transactions in StudioBoss, or in the Square App. When tax season rolls around, download a spreadsheet of all of your transactions.

If your state tax laws require you to collect Sales Tax, StudioBoss can do that too.

We provide the tools, but you provide the rules.

Complying with your local tax laws is your responsibility, and it varies by the nature of your profession and how you operate. Consult a Tax Professional to better understand your sales tax liabilities with regard to your service offerings.

StudioBoss Max

Your own Domain Name. Subscriptions. Custom Templates

Custom Domain Name

Our most powerful plan lets you use your own domain name, and we provide instructions for pointing it to our servers.

And if that sounds scary, a member of the StudioBoss team can set it up for a small one-time fee.


Offer your clients monthly subscriptions that are automatically billed every month. Clients who subscribe can book classes with a single click, and all payment screens are bypassed.

Publish public subscription prices, or set up private ones that you individually price and assign.

StudioBoss robots work with Square to process your monthly bills, the customers card-on-file is automatically charged and the money lands in your account.

See what a difference Recurring Revenue can make!

Custom Web Templates

Customers who require a custom web template can have one built for a one-time service fee.

Fees vary by the complexity of the request. StudioBoss is based on BootStrap 5.0 technology, so if you find a BootStrap 5.0 template, we can probably set it up at a low cost.

Replicating a non-bootstrap site will be more expensive. If you have an existing WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace site, we have an upcoming feature that will let you embed StudioBoss in your site.

Contact us with the form below to learn more. If you have a link to an existing site or template, please include it.

Our Mission

StudioBoss saves you time, so you can make more money.


By Instructors, For Instructors

StudioBoss was born during the Covid pandemic, when yoga studios closed and teachers found themselves on their own, marketing on Instagram and streaming classes on Zoom.

Nobody could find classes with their favorite teachers, communication via DM, text and email was painful, and payments were coming in via Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, cash, check and IOU.

It was a nightmare for teachers and students alike.

Our founder Matt and his daughter are both certified yoga instructors. That's them in the picture.

When the yoga world moved online, they strugged to keep up with marketing, booking and conducting classes. Much less chasing down payments.

His yoga teacher friends suffered the same problems.

And NOBODY collected all of their money

Matt is a programmer, so he set out to solve this problem. Help his friends make more money by making it easier for instructors to do business with their clients.

And StudioBoss was born.

I am SO HAPPY to never send another zoom link email again. Thank you StudioBoss!

Abbey Chase

Yoga Teacher

This thing is money. Literally

Lou Sepulveda

Personal Trainer

StudioBoss saved me so much time, I added 2 new classes to my schedule! I'm making more money, and spending more time on class preparation.

Artie Fufkin

Art Teacher


StudioBoss pays for itself with the time you save


$0 / month

  • Beautiful Web Site
  • Automatic Schedule Publishing
  • About Page
  • Classes / Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • Video Library
  • Logo
  • Picture Gallery
  • Social Media Links
  • Class Booking
  • Credit Card Payments (Square)
  • Apple Pay (Square)
  • Waivers
  • Automatic Pre-Class Emails
  • Private Class Management
  • Self Scheduling for Private Instruction
  • Roster Management
  • Change & Cancel Email Automation
  • Instant Credit on Cancel
  • Class Cards
  • Subscriptions
  • Email Blasts
  • Schedule Cut & Paste for Instagram
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Custom Web Template


$50 / month

  • Beautiful Web Site
  • Automatic Schedule Publishing
  • About Page
  • Classes / Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • Video Library
  • Logo
  • Picture Gallery
  • Social Media Links
  • Class Booking
  • Credit Card Payments (Square)
  • Apple Pay (Square)
  • Waivers
  • Automatic Pre-Class Emails
  • Private Class Management
  • Self Scheduling for Private Instruction
  • Roster Management
  • Change & Cancel Email Automation
  • Instant Credit on Cancel
  • Class Cards
  • Subscriptions
  • Email Blasts
  • Schedule Cut & Paste for Instagram
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Custom Web Template (Setup Fee Applies)


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